Cement Board System

Cement Board System

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Exterior, interior, high impact requirement, new, retrofit, residential, multi-family, commercial, Panelized, institutional, hotels, hospitals, retail centers, schools, condominiums, and government facilities.

  • ASTM C1177 Glass mat gypsum sheathing
  • ASTM C1325 Cement Board
  • ASTM C79/C1396 exterior gypsum sheathing
  • Exposure I or exterior plywood (Grade C/D or better)
  • Exposure I OSB
  • Poured concrete or concrete masonry (CMU))
WaterShield Water and Air Barrier Assembly
  • WaterShield Water & Air Barrier
  • WaterShield Flashing Tape
  • WaterShield Joint Mesh
  • FXI FlashFill
Must be covered by a code compliant building paper
Means of Drainage – a ventilated space to provide optimal drainage of the assembly
  • Drainage Mat
  • Vertical Ribbons of Adhesive
  • Tyvek Stuccowrap or equa
ASTM C1325 Exterior Cement Board – Impact resistant and labor reducing
  • PermaBase by National Gypsum
  • Equal
Cement Board Joint Coating – for control of movement between boards
  • Xi-Mesh Reinforcing mesh
  • Xi-Acrylic Base Coat or Xi-Dry Acrylic Base Coat
Cement Board Coating: Protection and crack resistance layer
  • Xi-Mesh Reinforcing mesh
  • Xi-Acrylic Base Coat or Xi-Dry Acrylic Base Coat
Primer – for decreased efflorescence and highest finish coat aesthetic performance
  • Xi-Alkali Resistant Primer
Finish Coat – Integrally colored and textured. Unlimited color selection, dirt pick up resistant
  • Xi-Textured Acrylic Finish
  • Xi- Flexx Finish
  • The system is generally recommended for low rise construction and commercial construction less than 5 stories. See wind load data and verify requirements.
  • Minor cracking is possible at cement board joints.
  • Ghosting of fasteners is possible during certain temperatures and humidity.
  • The cement board basecoat surface must be in plane for the for best aesthetics. Outside of the limitations may cause visible irregularities in the finished wall surface. Heavy texture finishes and or 2 layers of base coat will minimize these effects. The base coat cannot be used in thicker applications to level out the cement board.
  • For use on vertical above grade services. Do not use below grade or horizontally.
  • Control joints and expansion joints are required as listed in the specifications.
  • Maintenance is required with periodic cleaning, repair of cracks and impact damage, if they occur, and/or recoating to enhance appearance of weathered finish.
  • Dark colors show more efflorescence and imperfection in the stucco base coat compared to light colors. With Foam Shapes, select a color with a light reflectance value (LRV) of 20 percent or higher.
  • All flashing should be installed per codes prior to the installation of system.
  • Avoid working in direct sunlight.
  • Ambient and surface temperature must remain above 40ºF (4ºC) for FACADESXi Materials.
  • Protect applied product from inclement weather until dry.
  • Watershield should not be left exposed more than 6 months.
  • Impact resistant
  • Puncture resistant
  • Fluid applied air/water-resistive barrier
  • EPS shapes for architectural details
  • No Specialized Labor required for Cement board installation
  • Reduced Labor
  • Shorter construction schedule
  • Lower Cladding Weight for decreased structural requirements
  • Non-combustible and Fire resistant assemblies available
  • Energy Efficient with XI Option
  • Fully tested, building code compliant