FACADESXi High-Performance Masonry Veneer
System for
Superior Protection

Unlock the benefits of superior protection and advanced energy efficiency with our low maintenance, long-lasting stucco wall systems.

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  • Masonry Veneer Mortar Assembly

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  • Watershield Masonry Veneer Cement Board

Masonry Veneer®

Mortar Assembly

FXI Masonry Veneer System is a tested and engineered wall assembly of thin veneers adhered to enhanced mortar beds with the most advanced, high strength mortar to ensure stone adhesion. FXI Masonry Veneer Systems offer the look of full sized stone, brick, with the lower weight for lower construction costs and schedules.

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Xterior Insulation®

Masonry Veneer System

Our Xterior Insulation Masonry Veneer System is a tested, warranted, code compliant and engineered masonry veneer system with monolithic water and air barrier coating and accessory materials, internal drainage, continuous Xterior Insulation, and adhered masonry veneers. Available with either EPS or XPS this insulated system gives the design aesthetics of a stone, brick or tile wall with the advantages of a lightweight system decreasing installation time and structure costs.

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Masonry Veneer

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Watershield Masonry®

Veneer Cement Board

FACADESXi - Coming Soon

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