Xi-Hacienda Finish is a Decorative Cement Stucco Finish for sand float finish with many different texture options. Made of all natural earthen materials this finish will produce a unique look for commercial and residential construction.

Mix with Xi-Admix & Bonding Agent for increased strength, increased water resistance, reduced cracking, and reduced efflorescence.

  • Economica
  • Low maintenance
  • Low VOC
  • No Painting Required.
  • Integrally colored & textured
  • Durable
  • Low Maintenance
  • UV Resistant
  • Face Resistant
  • Non combustible
  • Acceptable Substrates:
    • FacadesOne and FacadesThree Stucco
    • Direct to Clean CMU/Concrete, stucco or brick
    • Existing un-painted Stucco
    • Xi-VersaBase (requires Xi-Admix & Bonding Agent in the Hacienda Finish)
    Available in Light Base and Dark Base.
    • Xi-Hacienda Finish comes in standard colors and may be colored in the field with Xi-ColorSure Packs.
    • Xi-ColorSure can be added to Xi-Hacienda Finish – up to 4 packs per bag of Hacienda Finish to achieve different depths of each color
  • Color Matching with minimum quantities is available.
    • Float Finish
    • Castroville Float Finish
    • Knock Down
    • Skip Trowel
90 lb. (40.8 kg) bag

Estimated Coverages:

The estimated coverage area per bag is based on the condition of the surface. The following is approximate coverage based on the 2 Coat method of application:

Xi-Hacienda Sand

  • Float Finish: 140-160 ft² (13-14.9 m²)
  • Dash Finish: 90-130 ft² (8.3-12 m²)
  • Machine Dash Finish: 70-100 ft² (6.5-9.2 m²)

Coverage may vary due to ambient temperature, surface temperature, surface porosity, mixing methods, and/or application methods. coverage should be based upon a mock up depending on desired texture.