Xi-Limestone is a polymer modified plaster to create a limestone look finish. The plaster is typically applied in thin layers with a trowel or spatula, then textured with a variety of tools and techniques to create the desired look. Some popular techniques include sponging, dragging, and stippling. The polymer modification in Xi-Limestone provides several benefits over traditional plaster mixes. It increases the plaster’s durability and resistance to cracking, as well as making it easier to apply and work with.

Overall, Xi-Limestone is a versatile and customizable plaster option for creating a unique limestone look in both residential and commercial settings.

  • Lightweight option versus Natural Stone
  • Varying aesthetics
  • Easy to apply

Xi-Limestone creates a smooth and elegant finish that is perfect for contemporary or traditional styles. It can also be customized to create unique patterns and designs, making it versatile for any design aesthetic.

Xi-Limestone is a great option for those looking to create a limestone finish or add an old world patina to their space without the cost and maintenance of natural limestone.

50 lb bag
  • 40-50 ft² per bag.

Coverages are approximate and will vary depending on application methods and environmental/ surface conditions.