DAFS - Litecon

DAFS – Litecon

Xi-Coating for LiteCon Systems include reinforced Base coat and finish coat applied over a proprietary system by LiteCon. Available in a residential and commercial application, the LiteCon Claddings combine high strength, ease of application and lightweight components. The FACADESXi products work along side to elevate the wall’s aesthetics with multiple textures and unlimited colors help bring the wall’s aesthetics.

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Xi-Coating Systems – LiteCon System can be used for all typ es of wall assemblies that desire the durable and flexible stucco acrylic finish but without the use of metal lath and field applied stucco on a more efficient light weight paneled wall.

  • LiteCon Cladding
  • *Over code compliant water resistive barrier with means of drainage
Cladding Joint Adhesive
  • LiteCon Adhesive
  • Surface Sealer/Primer (Not Shown)
  • Xi-Akali Resistant Primer: 100% Acrylic tintable primer
  • Xi-Enhanced Sealer: 100% Acrylic surface sealer
Board Joint Coating
    for control of movement between boards
  • Xi-Mesh Reinforcing Mesh
  • Xi-Acrylic Base Coat or Xi-Dry Acrylic Base Coat
Board Coating
    protection and crack resistance layer
  • Xi-Mesh Reinforcing Mesh
  • Xi-Acrylic Base Coat
    for decreased efflorescence and highest finish coat aesthetic performance
  • Xi-Alkali Resistant Primer
Finish Coat
    integrally colored and textured. Unlimited color selection, dirt pick up resistant
  • Xi-Textured Acrylic Finish
  • Xi- Flexx Finish
  • Ambient and surface temperature must remain above 40ºF (4ºC) during and for 24-hours after set has occurred.
  • Protect applied product from inclement weather until dry.
  • No additives are permitted to any components unless specifically approved by FXI.
  • Follow the application instructions for each component.
  • The substrate shall be free of oil, dust, dirt, form release agents, efflorescence, paint, sealers, moisture, and any other materials that prevent long term adhesion.
  • Maintenance Required: periodic cleaning, repair of cracks and impact damage if they occur, recoating to enhance appearance of weathered finish.
  • Eliminates Lath and Plaster
  • Unlimited Finish Color and Texture Options.
  • Highest quality Acrylic and Elastomeric finishes.
  • Durable Flexible Lamina for a protected wall Impact and puncture resistant.
  • EPS shapes for architectural details.
  • Shorter construction schedule.
  • Warrantable Assembly.
  • Reduced Labor.
  • Lower Cladding Weight for decreased structural requirements.